Ideation is an integral part of the process leading to great innovation. But how do you get to a really good idea?

Idea generation can be a daunting process for some, or one that is treated too casually by others. We are able to support you with years of experience to help you through a staged process of getting to great ideas.

The 4 fundamental stages are:

1. Understanding the strategic context

2. Planning the ideation

3. Creating the ideas

4. Evaluating the ideas

At Upswing Innovation we believe that working together with our clients is the key to success.

Our ideation programmes offer:

  • Commercial wisdom combined with creative magic!
  • Excellent facilitation based on 15yrs of workshop experience.
  • Rich creative thought provoking stimulus and relevant examples.
  • Dynamic and innovative tasks and techniques to explore and unlock the opportunity.
  • A positive environment of fun and energy to release latent creativity and encourage problem solving.

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