What do we offer International clients:

The UK is a diverse and commercially interesting market to invest in and a priority export market for a number countries across the world. Does your business have ambitions to launch a product or service into the UK market?

Upswing Innovation can help support your business in a number of different areas, using our 25+ years of experience and understanding of the UK consumer and fmcg markets.

Strategic thinking: Let us support you by analysing market and category data to identify white space opportunities for your business.

Market Research: Before you make any investment let us reduce your risk with bespoke market research.  We use our experience of the UK consumer, to help you tailor your product or service to the UK Market.

Or maybe you already have a product in market that is not performing  as expected. We can help you with bespoke research that will deliver clear insight on what is or is not working and identify solutions to make your offer more appealing.

We are working with the Department for International Trade and we would be delighted to hear from you,  to explore how some UK expertise can help grow your business.