We help businesses of all shapes and sizes pursue their innovation agenda. Some clients have large in-house innovation departments to champion this internally; other smaller clients may not have any dedicated innovation resource at all. Whatever your size, we offer a range of tools and training experiences to complement your internal capabilities:

  • Insight hunting – Learn how to find true consumer insights that are actionable and will provide a great springboard for creative development.
  • Concept Writing – Use our expertise in writing clear simple concepts that consumers can easily evaluate. After all a good idea badly expressed is no better than a bad idea!
  • Mentoring – Do you need some hand holding to kick start a new innovation programme or project?
  • Retail Safaris – Be inspired by our experiential safaris where you get to walk in the shoes of your consumers and have your horizons expanded by what you find.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Bill Gates